Jumping into Podcasting

It’s been over a week since I last posted here. Part of it was just taking a quick break after pushing to write every day for 30 days after not writing much if at all for years. There was also a couple of holidays after my birthday so took the time to unwind a bit.

But, I actually wrote quite a bit in preparing to record a podcast that I’ve been wanting to do for A-Game, our sports recovery brand. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I really love listening to podcasts and I’ve talked to Ellen for so long about doing my own eventually. So towards my birthday, I decided it was time to just start it, ready or not.

With A-Game, we have 33 elite athletes that serve as our brand ambassadors. We’ve worked with most of them since we launched the brand last year and it’s good because we have a strong roster of athletes across different sports and fields. With that, it also gives us a good starting point on potential interviewees for the show. Several of them though are either on their offseason break or vacation, while some are competing so it was very fortunate that we were able to get Don Velasco to squeeze us in his busy schedule to record our inaugural podcast.

There’s a bit of anxiety for me given that the team also discussed having a video component to it so we can also upload the episodes on Youtube or Facebook. I’m not comfortable being on camera so I kept thinking of ways not to do the video which was funny because I was the one who suggested it in the first place lol. But on a practical side, having the video is very useful so I just had to suck it up and do it.

I was very nervous the day before and early yesterday morning while waiting for Don to arrive. As they say, if you don’t get nervous doing something, you’re probably not doing that challenges you. I’ve always enjoyed talking to people one on one and learning from them, hearing their stories, picking their brains. But doing it in front of a camera and recording is in uncharted territory for me.

Doing the prep work definitely helped calm my nerves. I had over 30 questions prepared and visualised the interview unfolding over an hour which was our target. I thought at the very least we had to get to 40 minutes if it felt dragging at any point. Once we got started, the nerves were gone and things went pretty smoothy (I think) considering it was our first time doing it. Surprisingly, the hour flew by and didn’t feel long at all. I think we could have gone for at least another half hour but I wanted to be respectful of his time so I had to cut it at the hour mark. Don was a natural and we’ll definitely look to have him back down the line.

It was great to get the first episode done and out of the way. It was certainly a big load off my shoulders and my headspace. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so checking it off the bucket list officially once we launch the podcast for real in a couple of weeks. Many thanks to my wife Ellen for her encouragement. Every time I tell her about wanting to do it, she’ll always answer with ok go start it tomorrow or next week already lol. And shout out to our team in Antidote as well – Mariell, Astrid and Carina, for their work in prepping and shooting the episode.

Watch our for the launch of the Bring Your A-Game Podcast in a couple of weeks!



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