Day 30 of 30 – 33

Today marks my 33rd birthday so Happy Birthday to me!

For today, I wanted to just have a lunch and movie date with Ellen. We rarely get to have time for ourselves between being parents and the work we do so times like today are really precious.

First, our nieces dropped by the condo to surprise me with a giant canister of Maltesers from their trip to Subic. And if anyone knows me, I’m not that much into sweets but I cannot say no to Maltesers lol. Then we dropped them and Elian off at my mother-in-laws so we can go have lunch where we don’t have to worry about the food being baby-friendly. So we headed to Mendokoro Ramenba in Salcedo where we were the first customers for the day. And good thing too as the place got packed immediately after with still a long waiting line by the time we finished.

Next we watched Thor: Ragnarok in Powerplant Mall. It was our first movie date in months so it was nice to enjoy a good fun movie and eat movie food like we often did back then. We were also going to be buying some books in Fully Booked since they have a special discount for birthday celebrants but some of the books we wanted were not in that branch so we planned to just go to the branch in Greenhills the day after.

Then for dinner, we took all the kids to Shakey’s where I’ve been wanting to try the Scallop Pizza. They launched this earlier this year but I kept forgetting to order it until they removed it from the menu already to my deep regret (don’t judge, I love scallops and pizza lol). So, when they brought it back this month, it was automatic for me to want to eat there. Verdict: I liked the pizza but maybe not as much as my go-to pizzas in Shakey’s which are the Hi-Protein Supreme and Garlic Cheese. The Scallop pizza was nice but it did have this oily aftertaste that maybe means it’s not meant to be combined. Still good to have tried it though!

The branch we went too had a Fun Zone with some arcade games so they kids were excited but mainly for the machine where you can try to pick a stuffed toy with a claw. I managed to get a couple for Elian and Sui while not having the same luck for the 3 older kids much to their (and my) dismay lol.

All in all, it was a simple fun day which was exactly how I wanted to celebrate this year. And to end the day, I wanted to list down 3 things I’m particularly grateful for this year:

  1. Being married to Ellen for 5 years and having Elian in our lives.
  2. Having things to look forward to whether it’s a trip or a couple of brands we’re working on launching before the year ends.
  3. And finally, to finally (hopefully) figuring out what was causing my neck pain and tension headaches since last year. I’ll write about this more in a separate post but spoiler alert: it was the impacted wisdom teeth!

That’s it! Until next year! Cheers!

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