Day 27 of 30 – Happy Halloween 2017

This is the 3rd time we’ve celebrated Halloween since we moved to the new office. The team did a good job decorating the office and preparing for a belated Mooncake dice game for the kids. we started by having the kids do trick or treating in the condo then later on at the office where they approached each person in Antidote (Antidoter? Antidotean? Lol) and got a pack of treats.

Then finally we had them play the dice game where more treats awaited those who are lucky enough to get the right roll of the set of dice. It was the first time we did this in the office so I had to guide every turn and check on each result to announce if someone won a prize. It was quite fun for the kids and perhaps we can do it for the team next year too. Elian was more focused on eating the very first snack he won as well as sampling the snacks that the other kids won. Sometimes I wonder where he got his voracious appetite lol.

Kudos to the members of the team who dressed up in costumes as well. We promised them a prize for best costume but forgot to award anyone haha. We’ll do it next week for sure.

Given that my birthday is practically on Halloween, I think we’ll make it a point to really go all out in celebrating it better. Ellen did a great job dressing up Elian as Jon Snow though with his hair and how cheerful he is, he looks more like Sam Tarly. Next year we both have to be in costume too. And I’ll be challenging the team to really transform the office into a haunted house which should be nice given we have two floors to work with.

All in all it was a great way to end the work week and give the kids a fun afternoon and a load of treats!

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