Day 17 of 30 – The NBA is Back

Tomorrow is officially the start of a new NBA season! And for the first time since I’ve been following the league, the season will start not close to my birthday at the end of the month but in the middle. This is due to the league adjusting the schedule in order to help teams maintain optimal rest for the players. But who’s complaining, the sooner the season starts the better!

I think this season is one of the most exciting in recent history given the number of stars moving teams. The regular season will surely be fun to follow even if as most experts predict, we are likely going to have the same Finals matchup for the fourth straight year. Plus the new Nike uniforms are (mostly) nice as well so I can’t wait to see all the new looks.

The offseason was great with all the news and drama with the trades. And it was also satisfying to see my main man T-Mac get inducted in the Hall of Fame! But nothing compares to the start of a new season. Now let the real games begins!

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