Day 15 of 30 – Halfway Point

Today marks the halfway point of my personal 30-day writing challenge. As I mentioned in my first ever post, this is meant for me to get back to writing regularly.

It was hard at first to have to think of what to write and I think it shows in the first few posts so far. But I have to say, like I thought, doing this has really been fun, therapeutic even. I’ve really enjoyed the process of building this habit and giving my writing muscles a much needed daily workout. Plus, when I decided to start this, one of my rules for myself was to not judge the results of each day but to honor the process and just write, to value consistency over coherence.

So each night after Ellen and Elian are turned in for the night, I open up the laptop (or sometimes even my phone through the WordPress app) and start writing. Sometimes I stare at the screen for a few minutes, sometimes I go to my phone and scroll through social media feeds for a while if nothing comes out. But since my goal is to post something daily, I can’t do that for long since getting past midnight would mean I missed a day technically. With that time pressure, I don’t dilly dally too much and get back to writing.

(Side story: Back in college, whenever I have to write a paper or any writing assignment, I’d procrastinate so much by watching tv, playing video games, reading books, or whatever. I’d think about what to write but won’t actually start writing until I’d fallen asleep due to exhaustion, then wake up early morning and realized I’m absolutely fucked I haven’t written anything! So then I’d proceed to write in a panicked state and finish the paper in about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how long the assignment requirement was. Did pretty well on most of my papers but now that I’m older, I’m not as proud of this habit despite the results as I maybe was back then. Now, I think I could have done even better without the time-wasting. But I digress.)

That’s actually what I plan to work on for the latter half to the 30 days, to transfer the timing of when I sit down to write to the start of the day instead of at night. I’m not sure how that will work since my mind is usually clearer later than early morning. But I’m also working on getting more and better quality sleep for health reasons so I’ll definitely give it a shot.

All in all, it’s been really nice to be writing again on a regular basis. I’ve even made a short list in Evernote for some things I want to write about so I guess that’s a good sign as well that I’ll be able to keep this up. That’s it, see you after another 15 days!

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