Day 9 of 30 – Documenting versus Creating

I heard this from Garyvee today about how people nowadays are too preoccupied with creating content that it bogs them down and leads to overwhelm. Managing multiple brands that can all be considered start-ups, I can certainly relate to this especially with how pervasive social media is and how powerful it is for marketing.

Instead, Garyvee encourages people to focus more on documenting as a means to produce content. It made a lot of sense to me and is something I’ll be sharing with the team as a great direction for the work we’re doing promoting our brands and developing content.

And in that spirit as well, today will mark my removing of the private setting of my posts here so far and making all of it public. Not that I’m expecting anyone to see it but doing it more as a personal leap, to step out front so to speak.


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