Day 8 of 30 – Podcasts I Love

I’m a huge fan of podcasting as a medium and have been a daily listener to several podcasts for years now. I listen to podcasts in the shower, during traffic, on a plane, and even sometimes at work using it as sort of white noise (usually NBA podcasts where I don’t really have to pay close attention to what’s being said). Some podcast I follow for entertainment (again, mostly NBA podcasts), but mostly to learn something or get inspiration from successful people who are where I’m working to get to.

Without further adieu, my list of podcasts I listen to regularly:

  1. The Lowe Post – Hands down this is my favorite NBA podcast from my favorite NBA writer, Zach Lowe. In my opinion, he is one of, if not, the smartest writer (journalist?) there is in the whole NBA ecosystem. While there are some who may be better writers depending on the format (say Lee Jenkins for profiles, or Jonathan Abrams for oral histories), I find Lowe’s analysis on the NBA to be spot on and very well researched and thought out. No hot takes for the sake of hot takes which is why I respect his work. His interviews are always entertaining and insightful and he’s never afraid to disagree (politely of course) with his guests, often using clear evidence to support his case and not just a random or biased opinion. As such, dating back to his time in Grantland, I’ve never missed an article and podcast episode.
  2. The Bill Simmons Podcast – Always entertaining despite the blatant Celtics homer-ism. Bill Simmons has been a long-time staple of my NBA experience dating back to my college years when he was still writing as The Sports Guy for ESPN. While I don’t always agree with his opinions, I think it is fair to say the experience of watching and following the NBA is not quite as good and fun if not for Bill’s work and influence not just in his own writing and podcasts, but in leading Grantland and now The Ringer. Like any other Bill Simmons fan, I wish he’d write more often like he used to. But at least we have his podcast to get our fix!
  3. The Garyvee Audio Experience – Anyone who has ever listened to Garyvee talk knows that his speeches, videos, and certainly his podcast is full of fire, and not just in the emoji sense but in that his passion and belief in what he is saying really explodes through the material. If you need to get pumped and get a dose of tough love and truth bombs, definitely listen to any episode from this show.
  4. The Tim Ferriss Show – One of the first podcasts I subscribed to and really enjoyed. I have even listened to severe episodes more than once which is really a testament to how well Tim engages his guests and pulls so much valuable insight from them that sometimes listening to it once (and even with his detailed show notes), is not enough. Tim is so good at distilling and synthesising wisdom that he has turned his podcasts into a book which is just as good, Tools of Titans. The wide range of guests is also a strength of his show in that sometimes I see a new episode about someone in a totally unrelated field outside of my interests so I think maybe I’ll skip this one. But then once I give it a go and listen to it, there’s still something I tend to pick up from the episode. Suffice it to say, there’s gold in every Tim Ferriss podcast episode.
  5. The School of Greatness (by Lewis Howes) – Another podcast built on great and insightful interviewing by a “former athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur” and “each week he brings an inspiring person or message, to help you discover how to unlock your inner greatness”. Those quotes are from his exact intro to every episode. He ends each episode with, “it’s time to go out there and do something great” which is really apt for a podcast with the name it has. It’s pure inspiration from Lewis’ success journey himself, and of course the guests he brings on. He has a different style than Tim and sometimes when they have similar guests on, the insights they’re able to tease out from the guest is consistent yet different in nuance which is great to see if you listen to both podcasts.
  6. Impact Theory (by Tom Bilyeu) – I discovered Tom this year and his podcast (and really Tom himself) has been the biggest influence on my this year. It sounds weird given that I don’t really know him and we obviously have different lives and at different stages in life. But, his mindset and beliefs I feel are close to how I think, it’s just that again perhaps due to the difference in the stage of my journey I’m in, I still have difficulty owning to these beliefs. Which is I think why I really gravitate to his message and his story of overcoming his own struggles and self-doubt early on in his career as an entrepreneur. Love everything he puts out and have saved the episodes called Impact Quotes for instant pump-me-ups in just less than 5 minutes. Tom’s definitely someone I hope to have a chance to meet but in the meantime, listening to his podcasts is a nice and easy way to learn from the man himself.
  7. Staying Major (by Eric Menk) – The only local podcast I listen to religiously. Full disclosure: A-Game is a sponsor of the show. But there’s a reason why I made the decision to be the show’s first sponsor and it’s because of my belief in Eric’s voice for a podcast about the PBA and Philippine basketball in general. Not only is he a legend and one of the greatest players in the history of the PBA, the dedication he has brought to podcasting right from the start made me a believer and supporter from the get-go. His unique insight as a former player (both as a superstar and later on as a role player in his last years) gives a different flavor to his analysis and approach to interviewing his guests. It’s also great that his show is serving as a platform for players, coaches and other personalities associated with Philippine basketball to showcase their personalities apart from the more traditional media that was pretty much what fans like me grew up on.

That’s it, the podcasts that I follow closely and listen to pretty much every episode they put out. There are still so many others that are great as well that I listen to from time to time depending on the episode, such as Jalen and Jacoby (NBA), Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing (NBA), The Chase Jarvis Live Show (Creativity), The James Altucher Show (similar to Tim and Lewis), Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman (entrepreneurship/startups), The Art of Charm (interview show similar to Tim and Lewis as well), etc. But of course with time constraints, I have to prioritize otherwise I’ll have to deal with the psychic weight of feeling like there’s so much more I have not listened to.

So there. I love podcasts so much, don’t be surprised if I somehow someday get into the medium myself lol. Definitely serious about this.

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