Day 5 of 30 – Quotes

I’ve always loved quotes ever since I can remember. I’d write them on notebooks and journals to record and remember the ones that resonated with me. I’d probably lost track of more notebooks with quotes over the years especially before the advent of smartphones. Now, with apps like Evernote where I’ve been saving quotes I like for the past few years, it’s easier to keep track of all the quotes I’ve come across and search for them whenever I need to find one to use.

I just love how much wisdom or sometimes wit is packed in so few words. It’s like receiving a great piece of advice from the collective of the great human minds in history. And nothing is rarely better than reading or coming across a quote at the right time or moment that you’re in need of hearing or seeing that exact thought or sentiment, whether it’s to inspire, teach, or just to commiserate.

Part of the reason why I’ve wanted to write more is to share some of these quotes that have touched me in my journey through life with Elian (and our other kids if ever we’re blessed to have more). I realized having a collection of quotes that I keep to myself has little value other than to myself. That maybe sharing why I like a particular quote or the context of when I read that quote and why it mattered to me, would somehow help him navigate his own life as he grows up. Especially for when the time comes that I won’t be there to give him advice in person.

This is essentially a long way of saying – expect a lot of quotes to pop up here from time to time lol.

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