Day 3 of 30 – Wisdom and Impact

This is not going to be about my thoughts on wisdom and impact. It’s just a short note that today is when I had a procedure to remove my impacted wisdom teeth. 4 of them to be exact.

It was quite grueling especially after the first tooth as it seems the local anesthesia didn’t quite take for the next three leading to some sharp pain and a lot of wishing for the procedure to be over.

Also didn’t help that the podcast I was listening to stopped in the middle of the session and I had no way of getting it to play again being that my face was entirely covered except for my nose and mouth. And commanding Siri to play it was also out of the question given all the drilling happening in my mouth lol.

But after 3 hours, finally it was over! I was feeling a bit woozy and my mouth and lips were still numb so it was a good thing Ellen was already there waiting to bring me home.

Many thanks to Dr. Joyce Ambray and her team at DentaDerm in Trinoma for taking good care of me all throughout the procedure. Now the road to recovery begins!

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