Day 2 of 30 – My Soulmate

Growing up as a Buddhist, I was exposed to the concept of reincarnation and past lives early in my life. My mom would tell us stories about past lives and how people under hypnosis can be guided to “see” their past and even recognise most of the people they encounter as people they know in their current lives, albeit sometimes in different relationships. She would say that is why some people are considered old souls even at a young age because they’ve been through the cycle a few times already. Of course these stories also came with the constant reminders about being good people so we don’t get reincarnated as lower life forms like insects or animals. Heaven forbid I die and reincarnate as a cockroach lol.

I’ve always believed in it and have always been curious about experiencing the type of hypnosis that allows you to access your past life. This curiosity revolved around who I was in previous incarnations, what I was doing with my life (or lives), where I was living, who my family and friends were etc. As a child, my imagination ranged from being someone famous or important in history to someone low-key like a blacksmith or someone with a profession that does not exist anymore today.

However, this fascination with past lives hit me the hardest during my first year in college when I felt a familiarity that I couldn’t explain upon seeing Ellen for the first time. I told this story during our wedding and it goes something like this.

I was in the hallway of the 3rd floor of the CAS Building in UA&P, waiting for our next class. There were a couple other blocks waiting for their respective classes as well. I was hanging and joking around with a couple of friends when one of them was bragging about being a ladies man who could approach any girl in school. So I dared him to prove it by getting the name of the girl that caught my eye moments ago.

My friend looked, went over and started chatting with her and her friends. After a couple of minutes, he came back and said her name’s Ellen. We were so impressed (and I happy to know her name) that for the next couple of weeks we treated him with reverence. That was until one time we were hanging out in his condo near the school during a break when we saw his high school class photo. I was in the middle of making fun of his unibrow when I scanned the faces in the photo and saw the girl, Ellen, right there in the same class as him! The joke was on us – they were classmates from CSA and knew each other all along lol!

But going back to when I first saw Ellen. I still remember vividly what she was wearing – a baby blue shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. And a baby blue headband. She was drinking from the water fountain by the stairs with a couple of her friends. There were so many people in the hallway but somehow I found myself watching her from a few feet away and couldn’t take my eyes away from her. Like I said, she felt familiar like I knew her already which was weird because I obviously did not know her and it was really the first time I ever saw her.

Of course, it would be a couple of years going to 3rd year when we both went into our course, IMC, before we actually met and became friends. Then it was a year after before I made my move. I know, I know. Took me long enough to recognise that sign back then right?

But now that we’re married and have a family of our own, looking back at that moment about 16 years ago when I first saw her really makes me believe that this whole reincarnation thing is real and that perhaps even back then as it is now, we are each other’s soulmates.

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