Day 1 of 30 – Just Start

This is the start of what hopefully will be my reconnection to writing. I’ve long had this itch to get back to writing, nothing in particular but just being able to write more regularly whether it’s putting ideas on paper or even just recording thoughts or things I find interesting or that are bugging me lately. Since Elian was born, I’ve felt the itch even more in terms of sharing more about me and my life that he might someday find useful to know. The fact that he’s 3 months from turning 2 just goes to show how long I’ve procrastinated on this lol. But not anymore!

I’ve decided to just start. No more putting this off to when I have more time, because let’s face it, oftentimes we just have to find time and let go of our excuses. So this is my way of committing to writing – to write something (ANYTHING really) for the next 30 days starting today, October 1, 2017.

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